Summer at JJC HQ


So last years program delivered some sweet results. We had plenty of passes, a new group of trainees making the steps to being on the cusp for next year and a host of new talent in our coaching line up continuing to add more value to what we deliver.

         ‘Better never stops’

This quote used to be above the exit to the gym we trained at when we where competing and is something that has stuck. We have a program that works, it delivers passes and year after year has seen more of you joining the team and being successful. It would be easy to sit back now and run the same set up next year but where would be the satisfaction in that? Our mission is to always add more to the program by investing in giving you new coaching talent with extra skills, attending courses to build our knowledge and buying more tools to keep us ahead of the game.

What’s new?

When trying to chase the best in the world it is important to try and replicate the kind of training they will be doing. We will once again be investing in new kit for the coaches so we can set more courses at once to give you more unique training opportunities on the hill. It was brilliant being able to run two GS and two drill courses at once last November and we want to build on this. We are going to be adding to our fitness equipment to compliment Gareth’s kettle ball and TRX courses and we have some new fancy camera technology so we can be more efficient in delivering our feedback to you on the hill.

Summer camp


This year we have decided to move our summer camp from our usual July block to September. The reason for this is to shorten the gap before you head back on snow in November. We have found that by having such a big gap it has been tough for trainees to capitalise on some of the gains and strong foundations that have been put in place months before. The new planning will give you the platform to make some of the fundamental changes followed by one month after to work on the power phase of the fitness program before you return to snow in November ready to step up to the plate, make some tweaks and get the job done in December.

Test Technique

Coach Tipping

Coach Tipping

For the first year we are adding a test technique program to our set up. As trainees are taking the plunge earlier into eurotest training it makes sense to offer a rounded opportunity early on and a chance to tick off the Test Technique. This will widen employment opportunities for you whilst training for exams further down the line and set you up with better foundations for the Euro Test.

We wont make you book one or the other, let us know what your goals are and we will put in place a program to match them. This will also play a key role in developing skills for your tech exams especially piste performance.

Partner program


PDS Training is born!

Each year we have been asked about delivering training for the technical modules in the BASI system. We have put together training blocks running in the Portes du Soleil (Morzine, Les Gets and Avoriaz) So far things have been going well and groups are filling up. We will be adding more dates the program shortly so keep an eye on for more training opportunities. We are looking forward to providing a set up that can be used for continuity all the way through each level.


Make sure you have started training for next season now! The efforts you make in the gym, challenging your mental toughness and loading up your bases with wax will pay dividends next season. Get in touch for free help and advice planning your programs at

















Saas Fee…. Check!

Its been an awesome six weeks in Saas Fee, a big thank you goes at to all the guys and girls that made it so good!


Gregg, Ricey and Aaron

So what was new? 

We had 3 NEW coaches this year joining the 3 Openers James, Craig and Aaron. On top of an already impressive team there was RICEY an ISTD with a flare for Phycological Training, its was great to see the trainees benefiting from these evening sessions and using his techniques on the hill. GREG a full Swiss Patent/Trainer from Crans Montana, he’s a beast on the fitness spending the summer in the swiss army. Greg’s language skills and local knowledge helped keep the camp running smoothly and opened up opportunities on the hill for us to best prepare our trainees. Last but not least, GARETH who some of you may know from training a few years ago. Since attaining his ISTD he has continued in racing as a coach in the UK and developing young athletes with fantastic results. On the hill Gareth did a great job and fulfilled an important role ensuring that as the weeks roll on we are able to offer as much support out of the gates for those making technical changes and new arrivals as those ready for tricky sets.  As a Personal Trainer Gareth also brought some fresh ideas to our dry land program with some challenging circuits and ‘warm ups’!


The next big change for us was fitness, with the sports centre a building site we needed a space and fast! Thankfully after some negotiations the big 5 star in the centre of town gave us the use of their facilities! Bikes, Hall, and Spa were all well used. There were still some car park stair sessions, no getting away from those!



On the hill!

This year we kitted ourselves out to be able to set courses in multiple places on varying terrain to ensure everyone is receiving training delivered at their level and with a purpose to each course. It also meant that trainees could ski a lot more sets over the 6 weeks, no surprises on test day after all the variation available!

Here are some pics of what we think was our best Eurotest Program yet!






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JJC 2012/2013 Eurotest round up!


We have had a fantastic year with new coaches joining the team, new camps, new athletes and lots of new success stories.

The highlight of the season had to be Alpe d huez with 6 out of the 9 JJC starters passing. It was really rewarding to have a few of them stepping up to the plate and getting it done first ever euro test first ever run! We had more fantastic results through the season with more passes and candidates moving into the ball-park with promising results. As always we had some near misses which is always tough to stomach at the time but it can be a process with knock backs but its how you pick yourself up afterwards, understand the process and use the experience to move forward that is important. As coaches we can see the progression and know that the program will continue to build and carry momentum into next season with more exciting results to come.


As openers we also had a great season setting more times than any other season. Between the three of us we set 40+ times and it was really cool to get our names on the certificates with our trainees. This also gives us confidence that we can deliver the most accurate simulation of race day during our pre season mock tests and gives our trainees a real feel for the level they need to achieve.


Moving forward:

We believe strongly in our values and keeping our set up moving in line with our vision. We will continue to run 6 per group and keep the program small but effective. As we continue to see the results from the program as it develops from season to season we have also seen a big rise in interest and greater numbers of athletes coming onto our camps. We have already started to take deposits for November and have the capacity to look after 24 candidates per week over 4 groups ranging from entry level to those trying to find the last few hundredths.

Last season we ran a generic strength and conditioning program with several phases building up to Autumn training. This year phase 1 will be a building program with testing at the end. The following phases will then be bespoke to ensure we a focusing on the areas individuals need to improve on and to ensure we have well rounded athletes arriving ready to make the most out of their on snow time.

Location will again be in Saas Fee as we truly believe in the product we can offer there with full length courses, multiple lane options and the freedom to pick appropriate terrain to set for the tasks the candidates have. For an entry level to race training we are looking at different options now as there isn’t always the need to have access to Saas Fee’s terrain on peoples first introduction to racing.

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 20.40.52

We are honoured to have current ISTD’s, trainers and past JJC euro tests passes wanting to return or join in on our program for the first time. Although we predominantly are aiming to train candidates towards their euro test we are confident that having such talent and knowledge joining us for training can only be a benefit to our current athletes in demonstrating the level and sharing tips and stories of how they succeeded will only add to what we already do on the hill.

For the fist time we will be adding a test technique group to our set up. The program will start off indoors during the summer, building up to autumn. Laandgraaf ski hall offers a fantastic opportunity for candidates to train efficiently without the disturbances weather can bring to the glaciers. We will be offering 2×2 hour sessions on the slope, strength and conditioning training in the gym and full board accommodation. We believe this innovative Test technique program is going to be key in building pass rates and accelerating the process. The training opportunity will also be extremely beneficial in building quick feet, movement patterns and a good knowledge of building and releasing pressure for euro test candidates.

Snow in both Hemispheres!

It finally snowed!!!!!!! A little bit! Which means I have been able to get the GS skis out and have a little rip around. It is always sweet to get to work on your own skiing a bit and try to put some of the preaching into practice. I have shred 13kg this summer now and increased the power through the fitness program and it feels like it’s having a positive effect on my skiing, so get training hard! For all those booked on for November and working on phase 2 cardio lets see who can have thebest 5 mile time trial on the bike before we jump on our skis in November!




Some great news is that we have now strengthened our coaching team with Aaron Tipping and Ed Drake!

Aaron skied on the British team and was a great prospect until an unfortunate downhill accident, which left him with a nasty leg break. He now works full time with Britain’s next wave of racers and has had some impressive results with his team. He is also calibrated eurotest opener and all round top bloke!

Ed Drake is still a competitive ski racer at world cup level, competed at the last Olympic games and is shooting for Sochi 2014. He injured his ankle last season, which is unfortunate for him but great for us 😉 We will have the chance to steal some of his secrets before he starts training again in December.

Group sizes will remain the same and we have new equipment to ensure we still train as close to national team standards as possible. We have a great team of trainees booked on with lots close to the grade last season, it looks like it will be another great winter for JJC!

It’s the last 3 weeks here (NZ) and there has been a massive skicross course built to train on before my first comeback race on the 20th so I have been hitting some jumps and getting ready for some racing. The world number 1 is here so it will be a good chance to see where I am and what I need to do.

Ski Cross, Summer and Fitness

The summer camp in Sass Fee went well for the boys, time back on skis and plenty of free skiing being the doctors orders! Summer was kind to us with conditions being perfect on all but a couple of days, having some nice kickers in the park did act as a slight distraction to the technical free ski sessions, but hey what can you do?

Works out nicely as when the piste softens up the jumps are ready to go!





For those new to ski cross we spent some time in the park building up the confidence and working on tidying up the air time. Was great to see the Saas Fee Ride comp on at the same time, one time Niki flew past me mid tuck and about 15 ft up in the air, followed shortly by GB’s leading freestyler’s as they were judged on big air!

One of the highlights for me is the Alpine Spa just up past the football pitches, nothing feels better than finishing a hard days training by taking a walk in the cold water and then doing a lap round the footpath. Saw Tanja Poutianen there one day, she could stay in a long time, made the boys look like wimps!






Fitness varied from core, hiking, runs, volleyball, football, tennis, badminton and swimming, some of the team trying to set speed records for the luge. Doubt that counts as fitness though!




Fitness Time in NZ!

So the holidays are over here in NZ and things have got a little quieter now which gives me the chance to put phase 2 of training together to keep creating a team of machines for pre season training so we can get maximal efforts and reward come the season. The cardio program is out this week with the strength program coming a week later to de-load your bodies a bit!

Hoping it snows here soon so I can give some updates on training etc but unfortunately its still looking like the end of the season and we would just be drilling up rocks and dirt if we tried to set!

For those of us who do back to back winters its not all bad and I have had a chance to make the most of some summer (ish) conditions and go play on the mountain bikes! Unfortunately first time out I snapped the chain about 2 miles in and had a nice warm up jog back to town to get another bike, I took the positives though and will be claiming it snapped from pure leg power rather than the fact it was a old rusty chain I have also been making the most of the sweet rock climbing they have here so I can be in shape for our climbing competitions in Saas Fee, I wont keep coming last this year!

The rumours are that there should be a big storm bringing some snow next week so fingers crossed I can have some more skiing updates next time!

Update From NZ

So here goes my first blog, James has been posting plenty and I figure its about time a did some work

NZ looking beautiful as usual!

The 2011/2012 season was a great one, we had a successful second season with JJC having many highlights! The big one for me was Joe Cain passing in Alpe d huez after 6 years of not giving up and a second year of working hard with us. It’s been cool having moved to coaching from racing that we continue to go through the highs, lows and emotions that racing brings through our athletes (that’s right guys athletes!). When we get a pass there is plenty of high fives and when we just miss out its back to the drawing board. The competitiveness is still there through coaching and the buzz from success is an awesome one! I was pumped to be back from a season out due to knee surgery’s and to still be able to set some times and give James a run for his money 😉

So what’s going to be new for 2012/2013?

As always we are looking for ways to improve our program and continue to boost the pass rate for BASI. I am practicing what I preach and following our new strength and conditioning program to get rid of the coaching belly and it is working well. The program is broken down into blocks right up to our November camp. The first blocks have been created to build base fitness and will become individualised running up to pre season. Thanks to the physio’s and strength and conditioning coaches at the Olympic training centre I am confident we couldn’t be training any better!

I am also excited to be joining James and BASS in Morzine and look forward to working with some great instructors and developing our in season program and seeing the results of continuation in the later tests of the season.

Bass Morzine

Currently I am in New Zealand getting some sneaky training in and making sure I stay up to scratch for another season opening. It’s cool to have a couple of JJC trainees down here working in the same ski school and skiing well!

Lake Wanaka

With NZSIA looking to bring in a speed test there may be the opportunity to set some times for mock tests and get some regular training set up here. Ill keep you posted and get some pics and videos up when we get going…. That’s enough of an essay from me, best get teaching, it’s the middle of busy holidays here

Summer Update

New to Season 2012/13 is the opportunity of training all season long around whatever work or training your doing. The reason for this is that both JJC coaches will be working in Morzine for the season. Building on the training set up James implemented in Morzine last season which saw both Gareth Shelbourne and Alan Defres pass their Eurotest. With a mixture of mid week and weekend training its an amazing setup that we’re able to deliver, so a big thank you to BASS Morzine’s Professional Development team. Its great for us to be able to train afternoons or mornings with the ISIA and ITSD groups and the benefits can be seen in the skiing!

For those based in Verbier it was a perfect way of keeping their level in-between weeks of working on the hill. Some weekends team Verbs far outweighed those that were based in france. It was good to hear of all the the places people travelled from, we saw people come from all over France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria. Todds mammoth drive from Schladming being the longest journey.

In other news November bookings are coming along nicely, the free skiing and technical aspect of week one is proving popular and not just with ET trainees. We are proud to say that ISTD’s are interested in keeping there level and jumping back into the thick of it!

After a great season working with BASS Morzine and Les Gets, JJC now has access to more equipment effectively doubling our options. Saas Fee has the best terrain for training in our opinion so being able to use the top and bottom T-Bars simultaneously is a massive boost to our program. But a sneaky Dual GS would be epic. We’re currently looking for more bodies to get these courses up, one course is easy but two would be a killer after a week!

So whats next?……. Tech Training! We’re currently planning a week on the glacier to prepare for the earlier ISIA and ITSD Technical exams of the season. The Coach for this week will have passed the Trainer Assessment/CPD and be up to date with all content. November 12th is looking like the start date so if your interested in training hard for a week in the Saas Fee just drop us an email….

Morzine Ski Cross

We’ve both had a busy two weeks so it’s been good to take a few days to rest up. Today was fun as we travelled over from Morzine’s Pleny side to Les Gets, the aim was to check out the option for training ski cross there. James had seen it three weeks ago but the set up was not complete which meant a pleasant surprise today!

This venue is great because it has an abundance of terrain which is small but very technical, with a roller section above it possible to train to separate sections on one lift. Here’s Craig skiing the rollers.

A few other pics of the afternoon:

Verbier Coop Tour Ski Cross

Ski Cross in the UK is growing and we are doing our best to get GB racers to ski cross events. This can be harder than it sounds as unlike alpine events Slalom and Giant Slalom there is a level that has to be attained before entering a SX course. So far JJC has run 3 camps specifically aimed at SX athletes in the Junior age category. The first camp was pure training and was designed to improve overall skiing skills whilst testing to see if the athletes could cope with the likes of a SX course.

Three first year FIS males have really gotten their teeth into ski cross and are trying to get as much time as possible in courses this season. With a strong start in the pre season Junior Race in Saas Fee it was time to go up against the senior racers in Verbier’s Coop Tour. There we met another Scottish brother and sister that are keen to race SX and all of them had a blast in the training session together.

Being a normal FIS race the standard was high and none of the team made it into the heats, however they gained another mass of experience in their inspection, training and qualification runs. Heres a few pics of the training….